Born in Milan in 1966, from a long time ago I was interested in arts. During my first 30 years I have played many music instruments, studied as a dancer and, for a short time, I studied as an actor as well. Both verbal and visual communication was in my basic interests. During years I had studies about psychology and sociology, that I applied in my everyday job as a consultant and company trainer. From 2005 I started to have my own time for study and practise "figurative research". I would like to "freeze" in my shots that internal message full of meanings that is coming from my subject. So I started again studying in my forty years attending in many specialistic couses with some contemporary artists in order to became aware of technical and to educate myself to sense of beauty and to visual art. In 2007 I based with Stefania our photographic atelier: Phoṭr is our space to expression and is our window to relate with other photographers (expert or not), models, make up artists and all that people that like us, are searching something between light and shadow.






Born in Milan, She always passionate about photography and the arts. Stefania approached the photos with the advent of digital technology. She shots in spare time because she is really engaged her job of kindergarten educational coordination. She has a sense of cutting and sensibility to color and form that allow her to interpret the world and "crop" that frame full of meaning that is the picture. In her photos whit her Canon she prefers landscapes, nature and macrofoto. On the other hand she shots portraits preferring Black&White pictures rich of highlights that recalls to past times. She studied photography attending some classics courses like "Canon / Toscana Photographic Workshop" and some others professional workshop on different themes. In 2007 with Matteo based their photographic atelier: Phoṭr is a space to expression and is a window to relate with other photographers (expert or not), models, make up artists and all that people that like them, are searching something between light and shadow. I am very curious about surprises our future prepare for us!






To take a picture is the skill to freeze a clove of the world using search and intuition in the same time. And that is the image that carry an emotion. Like any other communication form, photography has a meaning that is half due to those who communicate and another half is due to person that receive the communication looking at the picture. So in these pages we send massages that are full of meaning for us. Will be you, that see our works, that will tell what emotions have aroused

There are no tools that make a nice picture. However if you must dig is better to do it with a good shovel instead of use a spoon. We are aware that our tools can do more than we ask them today. Our next step is to experiment and develop ourselves… Because our cameras contain a lot of beautiful pictures and is our commitment to get them out from there. Canon 5D MkII - Hasselblad H3DII-50
Some glasses to weigh down the bag.


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