Without Any Son (2019)

Where I come from and what I will leave after I leave.

For years I chased concrete goals: a college degree, a good job, a house. When I thought it was time to have children, I realized that the time had gone by.

I believed that everything was attainable with intelligence and determination. In reality, sometimes destiny, or chance decide.

I am not a “father.” I devote my time to this space of expression, which today is like a “son”. Every lack also has some benefit.

Three Worlds (2020)

My grandmother passes away at the age of 103. She knew how to live to the fullest all the years she had. This is the last farewell to one half of my family.

I walk through the cemetery of the small town from which we come. I follow the messages left by those who have passed.

Here are the 3 worlds. The world of those who spent their whole lives here. The world of those who wanted to remember them with one last message. My world: reading these tombstones I discover something of myself again.

Melancholy and meditation, but also peace and irony. When life is sad, you can find time for a smile.

Sic Transit (2018)

Great work achievements, prominent social positions, success, acknowledgements, illusion fame. Once our moment has passed, may end.

Memento mori. Remember that you must die.

Take life with humility. Enjoy a little bit every day. Don’t chase what is meaningless in the aftermath.

What was pivotal to you may be irrelevant to those who follow you.