Fly The Nest

There are times in life when important events happen. Events that change our story: the loss of a job, the end of an affection…. Or the search for something new for oneself.

This project brings together some of the emotions of change. The early confusion, the focus on oneself, the hurry for results, the hopes, the fears, the relationship with the judgments of the other people.

The lights are sometimes expectation and suspension. With their flashing they mark, like a heartbeat, the time that passes. Inexorable.

Yellow light calls attention! There is a danger, how will I behave?

Yellow represents me more often than others because it calls up a time of decision. It lasts a handful of seconds and in that short time I will decide what to do: run to pass or wait patiently?

Fortunately in change there is also a moment of arrival. The journey ends with a carefree moment. Among the emotions of life, fortunately, there is also joy.