We all try to control the impression we make on others.

Canadian sociologist Erving Goffman stated that each of us shows itself as if it were on a stage. Changing the social environment, the role we play also changes. Depending on the situation, we can be friends, lovers, parents, colleagues, fans, opponents.

These roles are not always compatible with each other. As well as some emotions we express. Some are frequent and socially acceptable. Others are private. Others so inhibited that it is hard for us to recognize and accept them.

I have transferred the complexity of intimacy into the works: the dualism of personality, the contradictions, the deep desires.The subjects make me to follow them to focus on their “moment”. It is not that easy: as in the real world, the everyday life and society, constitute a sort of background noise that disturbs the perception.

I ask to the observer to let be carried away, see what takes shape: wich images arouse greater meaning for you? Find your “punctum”: what you add to the photo and yet is already in the photo.

The final goal is the inner peace, the acceptance of what one feels. These different souls are within us and ask to be listened.